Gdax Account

Advantage of Gdax Account

There is a lot of advantages of Gdax Account. As it given below:

  •   can transfer the funds from coinbase.
  •   accepts bank account deposits and withdrawals
  •   allows low deposits and withdrawal fees.
  •   has very less trading fess.
  •   has a quick account opening access too.
  •   provides excellent security free from frauds
  •  It has customer support team
  •  It provides user friendly platform

Gdax Account is Safe

Gdax Account user must identify them before every time starting in trading, it means any fraudulent activity can be traced directly by the individual. Then Gdax Account is responsible for millions of dollars? worth of cryptocurrency for make sure those traders funds secure and safe. 98% of all funds are kept privately meaning that they are always trade offline. This makes it impossible for an online hacker to access them.

Is it Easy to Sign Up?

If trader have a Coinbase account, trader automatically have a Gdax account. It is the same sign-up process.
It is the online platform they take account security very seriously. As a result, you will need to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process. First of all, Trader need to supply the exchange with a range of personal details. This will include name, nationality and full address. After this, trader need to upload some identities, such as a passport or driving license. Here the advantage is GDAX employee to do it manually.
This depends on where you are based and could include a phone verification or a request for a proof of address. It is the simple sign up process, the next part of GDAX is to look at the exchange customer support.

GDAX Customer Support

One of the most important things is customer support is available all time according to the convenience of trader. If a thing goes wrong, Trader want to know that he/she can receive fast and efficient help.
Customer support at GDAX is best in the industry. Firstly, the GDAX customer service team is all time available. This service is available Monday to Friday, between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M
Incase of contacting the team outside of these working hours, trader can share an E-mail 24 hours a day. Besides this trader can also contact GDAX on various social media channels such as Twitter.

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